3, 4, & 5 year olds

The Preschool Program is especially important to the Administration and Staff of American Heritage Academy and Child Care. Our goal is to prepare your child for academic success upon entering the public school setting.We have researched and chosen a curriculum that is aligned with Texas Education Agency Pre-K Guidelines.This curriculum is a Literacy Based curriculum and our weekly learning activities will be related to the book of study for the week.Children will learn the following concepts with this curriculum; Math, Science, Social Emotional Skills, Imaginative Play, Fine Motor Skills, and much more. Teachers will host Parent/Teacher conferences during the skill year to keep you updated about your child’s progress. Parents will also receive Progress Reports and Report Cards.

Circle Time:
Circle time give us the opportunity to engage in cognitive and social skills. During this time children practice their language and listening skills. We learn and talk about the days of the week, months and seasons of the year, colors, shapes, letters and sounds. We also explore on math concepts, we practice counting, identifying numbers, adding and subtracting, as well as to tell the time.

Book Concept:
It is really important and helpful for children to learn what is a title, an author, and an illustrator when introducing new books to the children. While reading to the children, we teach them these important skills to help them in their elementary years.

Sight Words:
It is really fun for children to be able to recognize and read words. First we sound out each letter, and then we read it as one word. Our goal is to teach our students at least ten words and have them read simple sentences with those ten sight words.

We introduce Spanish in our program. Children learn the colors, numbers, shapes, days of the week, and some songs in Spanish. We take advantage of every opportunity to teach the children Spanish.

Show and Tell:
Every Wednesday we have show and tell, children get to bring something that begins with the Letter of the Week or the Color of the Month to show and discuss with our class. Children get to practice their listening and language skills, by asking questions, taking turns talking and listening to each other. Learning these skills are very important when facilitating classroom discussions.

Family Tree:
We encourage families in our program to bring a family picture to be display on our Family Tree Board. It will give everyone the opportunity to get to know each other’s family throughout the year.

File Folders:
Every child has a file folder with his/her name located in the classroom by the main door. Please remember to check it daily for art projects and other important information from management and teachers. Sometimes parents will invite other children to their child’s birthday party and you might receive birthday invitations and/or thank you cards in your child’s file folder.

 Rest Time:
After lunch the children are encouraged to take a nap from 12:30 to 2:30 in the afternoon. If children are not tired enough to take a nap, they have an opportunity to rest on their cots for a short time with a quiet activity. During this rest period time, teachers have the opportunity to clean up the classroom and prepare for afternoon activities. Usually children take advantage of this time and take good naps. We like having the children rest during this time because this allows them to be fresh for the afternoon activities.

Items Needed for Our Classroom:
1. A change of clothes (must be labeled)
2. Blanket and a small pillow, and small backpack
3. Your family picture
4. Please have your child come dressed in appropriate outdoor shoes.
5. Sunscreen, labeled

Thank you for visiting our classroom, we hope you come to join us for some fun. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask. We look forward to getting to know your family while caring for your child!


This is our promise to you.
› We Promise - To provide a safe and secure environment.
› We Promise - That we will care for you like no one else other than your parents.
› We Promise - We will be warm, friendly, and loving towards you.
› We Promise - To hug you and make you feel loved.
› We Promise - To praise you sincerely.
› We Promise - To celebrate every little victory of yours.
› We Promise - To talk to you a lot about all the exciting things in our world
› We Promise - To always put a little magic in your life.
› We Promise - To adore and treasure that first smile and those priceless first steps. We are privileged to be a part of them.
› We Promise - To give you a head start in life and prepare you well for school and beyond..
American Heritage Academy & Child Care Learning Center.