What Our Parents Say


“This Daycare is such a wonderful place filled and joy and comfort from each and every teacher. All children are always smiling and very happy. My child himself was always up and ready to go. I love that most.. The directors are very welcoming as well as the teachers. They deserve 5 stars. AWSOME AWSOME facility!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Cruzita Martinez


“If they have space for your child, you should send them here. We had to wait a couple weeks until a spot opened up for our infant, but my wife insisted we send our daughter here. She looked at every school in Richmond and Rosenberg. She even looked at schools in Sugarland that cost double the money and weren’t as good. We are very happy. With an infant you have to be very careful where you send them. But the teachers here really love kids and look after them like their own. Not every teacher is great. But overall we are very happy. The owners are great too. Very friendly and organized.”

Howard Avery 


“My son has been going here part time since he was 6 months old. They are awesome. They spend a lot of time with each of the infants. They helped him walk by the time he was 11 months and he is starting to learn some words in sign language. It is amazing to see him sign the word more when he is still hungry. My wife did a lot of research into daycares and into all the ones around us and even some in sugarland. we feel at ease knowing he is watched and cared for all the time. His first daycare experience was in a private house daycare. We think he was being ignored there a lot. He cryed everytime we dropped him off. And she would never let us in the house when other kids were there saying that the other kids were afraid of strangers. American Heritage has an open policy. We can drop in at any time to watch our son. They have regular trainings for the teachers and age appropriate toys and games. We have never had any problems, but the management is very nice and have asked for suggestions for improvement on more than one occassion. We have already referred 2 other families who are also sending their kids here. Both are very happy as well.”

Joey Orlando


“My son has been going to American Heritage for about 2 months now and it is wonderful, they have a great curriculum, and the teachers are very helpful.They are the BEST daycare/learning center my son has been too. My son loves his teacher and is always ready to return to the center in the morning! American Heritage is where my son will be until he is to big to go there:]”

Rose Enriquez


“Awesome. That’s what my son says about his daycare. He loves his teachers and best of all, he eats all of his food when he is there. He doesn’t do that at home. I have no idea how they get him to eat all his vegetables. I have even stood there and watched as he eats everything on his plate. The school is also close to the 59 exit so I can swing by on my way home from work.”

Joseph Langdon




This is our promise to you.
› We Promise - To provide a safe and secure environment.
› We Promise - That we will care for you like no one else other than your parents.
› We Promise - We will be warm, friendly, and loving towards you.
› We Promise - To hug you and make you feel loved.
› We Promise - To praise you sincerely.
› We Promise - To celebrate every little victory of yours.
› We Promise - To talk to you a lot about all the exciting things in our world
› We Promise - To always put a little magic in your life.
› We Promise - To adore and treasure that first smile and those priceless first steps. We are privileged to be a part of them.
› We Promise - To give you a head start in life and prepare you well for school and beyond..
American Heritage Academy & Child Care Learning Center.