Why We are Special


1.  We are the only school that guarantees you and your child will be happy. If you are dissatisfied with our service in the first month of enrollment, just let us know and we will be happy to refund one week’s tuition.

2. We have more space per child than any other school. We have over 8,000 indoor square feet for only 156 children. This means your child will have plenty of room to move around, play, and explore.

3. Children are in small groups.  This ensures proper supervision and individualized care so the child can receive more attention. More attention means higher confidence and faster learning.

4. All our teachers and staff are CPR and First Aid trained. Most daycares only have a few people in the facility trained.  If there is an emergency you don’t want any delay. We don’t have to run around to find a staff member that knows CPR. We all know it.

5. All Staff is fingerprinted and backgrounds are checked by the FBI. You do not need to worry about the people caring for your child. We all have clean backgrounds.

6. Fresh, Home Cooked Meals. Unlike other schools, we have a full Commercial Kitchen and prepare our own meals on site. We do not have to bring in delivered food like pizza or other fast food. Our meals exceed the federal quality standards.

7. Parent Involvement is Encouraged. If you can, we want you to come by to volunteer or hang out in your child’s classroom. Stop by anytime to check up on them. Our open door policy and security features will put your mind at ease knowing your children are safe and secure.

8. We feel that children need the structure of a schedule.  This helps them to become more comfortable and confident when they can predict what comes next. It also gets them ready for school.

9. The best teachers. We only hire caring and energetic teachers. Our teachers are required to move around and play with the kids.  We also send our teachers to specialized trainings and help them develop their skills to stay up to date on the latest teaching breakthroughs.

10. Effective communication between teachers and parents.  Regular briefings on your child’s progress allow you to be a part of their day and keep track of what they are learning. Management is also available to speak to you at any time regarding any concerns you many have.


This is our promise to you.
› We Promise - To provide a safe and secure environment.
› We Promise - That we will care for you like no one else other than your parents.
› We Promise - We will be warm, friendly, and loving towards you.
› We Promise - To hug you and make you feel loved.
› We Promise - To praise you sincerely.
› We Promise - To celebrate every little victory of yours.
› We Promise - To talk to you a lot about all the exciting things in our world
› We Promise - To always put a little magic in your life.
› We Promise - To adore and treasure that first smile and those priceless first steps. We are privileged to be a part of them.
› We Promise - To give you a head start in life and prepare you well for school and beyond..
American Heritage Academy & Child Care Learning Center.