Welcome to the Toddler Program!

Ages: 15 months – 2 years

Although sometimes our 15 month olds are thought of as babies, in this room we like to start thinking about them as toddlers and becoming more independent. By 15 months old and before entering the room there are a few things we would like for your toddler to be able to do in order to get the best experience they can:

1.) Drink milk from a Sippy cup (unless allergic then a milk supplement must be used)

2.) Be an active walker

3.) Be able to finger-feed themselves.

The toddler years are some of the most crucial times in a child’s life to begin learning new things and understanding themselves. We are dedicated to helping your child reach their highest level of learning and are excited to have you join us! Below is a snapshot of information that is very important in understanding what goes on in the toddler room and the activities we encounter on a daily basis. Should you ever have any questions about our program, please don’t hesitate to ask.

(These are the activities we work on everyday with your child that take the first steps in learning independence.)Shape and color recognition,name recognition and language devlopment

  • Cleaning up toys
  • Putting our sippy cups in the sink when finished eating
  • Pushing in our chairs
  • Using our words
  • Washing and drying our hands
  • Wiping our face

(All of the activities we work on for independence are viewed as goals. Below are some of the goals we strive to reach.)

  • Shape and color recognition
  • Name recognition and language development
  • Being able to understand simple directions (ex: bring me your shoe)
  • Sit down for circle time ( for at least 3 minutes)
  • Using please, thank-you and more in sign language and by using our words
  • Sharing with our friends
  • Using nice hands
  • Learning to color, paint, and do other art activities
  • Recognize familiar pictures (ex: dog, cat, boat, shoe)
  • Turning pages in a book
  • Pushing, pulling and dumping objects
  • Learning a vocabulary of 8-10 words




This is our promise to you.
› We Promise - To provide a safe and secure environment.
› We Promise - That we will care for you like no one else other than your parents.
› We Promise - We will be warm, friendly, and loving towards you.
› We Promise - To hug you and make you feel loved.
› We Promise - To praise you sincerely.
› We Promise - To celebrate every little victory of yours.
› We Promise - To talk to you a lot about all the exciting things in our world
› We Promise - To always put a little magic in your life.
› We Promise - To adore and treasure that first smile and those priceless first steps. We are privileged to be a part of them.
› We Promise - To give you a head start in life and prepare you well for school and beyond..
American Heritage Academy & Child Care Learning Center.